Session 02

Neya Porto Hotel

Created by PK Architect's studio, it had the collaboration from Coletivo ODD, and is signed by the Arquitects Francisca Magalhães Ramalho, Sérgio Bernardo, André Almeida and Gonçalo Moreira. The decoration is a continuum of the architectural project, in partnership with the decorator, Inês Albuquerque Lima. The integrated nature in which all aspects of the project were worked on, has led to an overall cohesive and coherent result.

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Architecture Tour + Live Talk

Neya Porto Hotel

The building is located partly at the old Convent of Madre Deus of Monchique, and the old industrial warehouses that have their first reference of settlement since the XVI century. The whole building is a couple steps away from Alfândega, in Oporto historic centre, classified as UNESCO World Heritage since 1996. Sustainability and innovation were some of the main features of this project, pushing this project’s development to always take into account the principles of a sustainable architecture. Therefore, a reutilization of existing materials such as wood, stone and metal and their readaptation to a new purpose, was a constant feature throughout the whole process.