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Virtual Tours to showcase the country's most emblematic works that demonstrate the unifying role of architecture and construction through an immersive experience.

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A new reality implies new content, Archi Summit Tour appears to expand the relationship of architects with the brands that have construction materials and systems.

Live Streaming + Podcast

Archi Summit Tour promises to bring the best experience of a physical visit in a virtual transmission, a new perspective on Architecture and its relationship with materials.

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A five-star hotel in the heart of Lisbon with 400 rooms and top quality resting areas. The project was overseen by Induplano, whose major objective was to provide the guests a personal but memorable experience.

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Luís Silva

As soon as you enter, the lobby immediately takes you into an exotic realm derived from the muxarabis, where you can see the well-considered lighting, the printed velvets, the meticulously cared for stones, and the perfectly coordinated vertical plants. The space in a whole combines a variety of feelings that honour serenity, comfort, prestige and elegance with attention to detail and individuality.