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Virtual Tours of the most unique architectural masterpieces in Portugal.

Live Streaming + Podcast
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A new reality implies new content, Archi Summit Tour appears to expand the relationship of architects with the brands that have construction materials and systems.

Live Streaming + Podcast

Archi Summit Tour promises to bring the best experience of a physical visit in a virtual transmission, a new perspective on Architecture and its relationship with materials.

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Edifício Emporium
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Renovation | Architecture - Morais Soares Arquitectos | General Coordinator – Duarte Morais Soares | Landscape architecture – Neoturf | General coordinator – Paulo Palha

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Edifício Emporium

At the corner of both Sá da Bandeira and Guedes de Azevedo streets, the Emporium is one of the most charismatic buildings in downtown Porto, designed by architect José Porto and built in 1948 as a building of great prestige, which was achieved through the strength of reinforced concrete and the careful selection of noble materials, combined with the modern appearance of the layout and the dignity of classical architecture. The ongoing intervention, by architect Duarte Morais Soares, preserves the history of the Emporium, but includes an exclusive inside garden with more than 800m2, with large-scale trees.